International Travel Medical Insurance

International travel medical insurance is used by short-term travelers, mostly on holidays and pleasure cruises. Apart from covering medical expenses for a short travel time, it also covers emergency medical evacuations and trip cancellation refunds.

When you arrange with a travel agency for a tour with a fixed schedule, all the necessary reservations are confirmed. So the agency always demands a non-refundable deposit. It is done weeks in advance, and sometimes a person may not be in a position to undertake the tour or cruise due to a variety of reasons, including health reasons. Along with medical expenses, this aspect is also covered in travel insurance, and a reimbursement from the insurance company can be claimed in case of a cancellation.

Sometimes a travel company files for bankruptcy after collecting a good amount as deposits. The traveler is left with useless papers. This is also covered under international travel insurance. But most policies will not cover trip cancellation if the reason for cancellation is not genuine enough. Simply altering the plans on a whim is not acceptable.

While traveling, a medical emergency does not wait for the right time to take place. A mountain resort, a cruise ship or the middle of an African safari is where most accidents happen. To get the victim of an accident or sudden illness to medical facilities, costs are very high. This evacuation benefit is the second-most important coverage of travel medical insurance. Of course, the traveler needs to be fully protected against any illness or accident during the trip. It costs about five to seven percent of the travel cost to buy travel insurance and, considering the peace of mind that it gives, it is a good value.

Be vigilant, read all the small print carefully, and if you are not satisfied that you know all that is to know about this product that you are buying, do not sign on the bottom line. If a salesperson evades your questions, it is time to look for another one.